When we started Everest Van Lines has just a small group of moving professionals we never quite imagined ourselves spreading throughout the United States or eventually becoming a worldwide moving company. It was our goal to always just help our customers in whatever way possible. We continued expanding on our training as well as the capabilities that we had is a company. Organically we continued to grow and eventually would strive further beyond a small family business to become a company with an extensive network of trucks, storage facilities and shipping professionals all over the world.

Everest Van Lines has always prided itself on maintaining quality relationships with every customer. To do this we had to have items in place that would help us to address every new challenger company faced. By making sure that we were prepared for every new challenge, we were able to offer more services as well as more efficient services. Through our expansion in our improvements in training we’ve been able to keep our costs down as well as ensure that we remain one of the most competitive companies for prices for both long distance and local moving.

Through our support as long distance movers, corporate movers and residential movers we have the pleasure of working with people from many walks of life and in many different industries. We love to meet new contacts and to expand on the capabilities of our business by meeting new long distance partners.

We feel extremely fortunate to have worked with so many great people over the years and for the ongoing support from these companies and individuals that have allowed our business to grow and thrive.

If you are interested in getting access to family owned and operated quality from a large long distance moving company, contact our staff today I remember that we are willing to take on any type of moving challenge.

Our Branches:

With a wide spread along the east coast and the Midwest we can make sure all our customers will get the best service possible

Columbia MD – Everest Van Line’s headquarter:

  • Coverage area: NC,MD,VA,DE,DC,NJ,NY,PA,CT,RI,MA,NH
  • Phone number: 410-777-5733

North Miami FL branch:

Chicago IL branch:

Los Angeles CA branch:

  • Coverage area: The whole state of California
  • Phone number: 888-777-8066

Las Vegas NV branch:

  • Coverage area: The whole state of Nevada
  • Phone number: 888-777-8066