Everest Van Lines can provide more than just long distance and local moving services. Our staff is extremely proud of our ability to pack up all of your items professionally and make sure that they can make it through any type of move. We keep a number of professional packing materials on-site to ensure that we can pack up our customers items effectively. We will do our absolute best to pack up all of your valuables using the appropriate materials and to make sure that they can make it through any type of shipping requirement. With our health and safety training as well as packaging training we can provide an extremely comprehensive packaging service that brings you extra security for any move.

Each of our moving specialists comes with training in packing and organizing our trucks as well as packing individual items. Through our packing services we can help you to more easily pack up your entire home as well as protect all of your items with the best quality of moving packaging.

Our staff can make recommendations for the best type of packaging that you can use on your valuables to keep them in secure storage, for long distance moving as well as for quick unloading after a residential move. As well as providing these recommendations and a full-service packing solution, our staffers will make sure to keep all of your items organized with inventory lists and labels on every box. This makes the unloading process as simple as possible. We want to keep things organized and efficient for any of the moves that we do, especially if we have a chance to handle the packing as well.

Packing services to not only protect your items but ensure that you, your family or your staff don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to packing everything up or unloading it. For the ultimate in security and convenience consider our packing services from Everest Van Lines.

Contact our staff today to learn more about the cost of packing services for your move.