I had no idea how I was going to move research documents from my college offices to home so that I could work on them. With the help of one of the small vans from Everest Van Lines and some movers we were able to package up the boxes and get them moved into my home study and basement.

Lianxi F

Full-service packing and unpacking is the way to go. This felt like a luxury experience. Thank you Everest Van Lines.

David A

I’ve never received a moving quote that detailed so much. I’m used to getting just a flat fee but these guys were patient took me through everything to show me what my funds were going towards. Amazing value in this service

Wendy P

Everest Van Lines worked on an extremely hot day to move my family with 0 complaints. We would have probably injured ourselves but these guys arrived ready for the conditions. I would recommend them to anyone!

Fred W

Everest Van Lines made our move across the city as possible. They were organized animated great list that really helped us with unpacking after everything was unloaded off the truck. This was the easiest move we’ve ever had and we wanted to share our thanks

Kim G

I needed to put some items from my nail salon away into storage and I had no idea how I was going to move it all. I called Everest Van Lines for a quote and by the end of the week they were able to move the extra items away and store them just a few blocks away in a storage locker. It’s so nice having the extra floor space and I didn’t have to do any lifting.

Sasha V

Everest Van Lines was extremely professional and I’ve never had packing services before but I would highly recommend it. They kept things so organized and made sure that all of the fragile items we had were wrapped and protected.

Lucas S

This was such a fast and simple move. I felt really comfortable after seeing their insurance and they got everything done very quickly. This took far less time than my last movers because they came with a larger truck and a few movers.

Charles T

I had to move to servers for our company to a new off-site location and this would be very difficult with our corporate vehicles. I was able to quote a truck through Everest Van Line and a few movers for a day and we managed to get the servers moved without damage or problems. I would recommend these guys for a type of tech packaging and moving

Steve V

They did such a fantastic job moving the chandelier that we had for our new home and some of our furniture. I have never seen movers take such pride in their work!

Cassandra B